Joiner custom Furniture &

Interior Fit out



We provide installation service for assembling kitchen cabinets, wardrobe and walk-in closets, vanity and doors. An exclusive service included in our projects and executed by our professional installation team formed by experienced carpenters.

We promise to get you the perfect result with the support of our talented team of interior designers who will make sure you find the most suitable products, styles, colors and design according to your own unique preference.


Selected Product Range


  • Melamine material.
  • Durable and scratch resistance.

  • Harmonious interplay of material and color, light and transparency.

The glass display cabinets are compelling with their delicately tinted glass and the slim-line, anodized metal frame with intelligently concealed hinges.


The stunning combination of grey and brown colors lift the atmosphere and give it a high-end luxury feel. This modern kitchen cabinet design comprising of glossy finish adds glamour to the space and also makes it very practical, Due to no filler panels for more open storage spaces. It also consists of purpose-built appliance housing unit., with elegant appliances to utilize every inch of the built up.

The walk-in closet has a trendy and modern design. It will help client reduce clutter and utilize the large open spaces in a more organized manner. It can also be customized according to the hanging and folding spaces requirement for each client to meet every need. This layout makes very efficient use of space and makes the closet look very neat and organized.


Some rooms can benefit from a sense of extra space and enhanced light, and our sliding wardrobe doors give you all these advantages along with easily accessed storage. Black door with mirrors gives a very stylish and fresh contrasting effect to the room. The shelves neatly hideaway all the belongings and sliding door make it more space efficient leaving more room for other pieces of furniture.



Our compact bathroom vanity come with both open and closed drawers allowing ample amount of storage without consuming a lot of space. The Melamine material used to build them is water and moisture proof and can go unaffected for long period.


Our range of luxury interior door combine warm tones of walnut with detail of golden handle to give a very traditional and classic look of solid wood door plus boast striking geometrical pattern to add more definition and aesthetic appeal.


Introducing a wide range of selected flooring for modern and unique interiors, we offer solutions in different styles, finishes and designs, meeting the actual trends and satisfying the different needs and demands. Our versatile collection suits every individual space be it commercial or residential. All the solutions come with invariable quality and superior technicality to give a perfect high-end finish, quality and service.